We take care of your hair and skin

Restoring dignity and confidence

Our Perspective

At Nelle Mavri, we acknowledge the rising demand from consumers for products that deliver what they claim to be, clarity on labels and product that are free from harsh synthetic chemicals from consumers.

For many years African ethnic hair and skin colour (especially dark skin) has been commonly rejected, discriminated against and regarded as unprofessional, unattractive by the beauty, media and cosmetic industry of which has resulted in a lot of melanated people using extremely harsh chemicals and tools in an attempt to straighten their ethnic hair.

In recent years, we’ve noticed a rapid growth in the natural hair movement by melanated people all over the world of which has captured our attention and thus motivated and inspired the creation of Nelle Mavri products whose intentions is to make managing their natural hair a pleasant experience while revealing healthy skin. Our primary aim is to help restore dignity, beauty and confidence in melanated people.

Using natures best ingridients

It's in the formulae!

Our products are formulated with a careful selection of natural oils and butters that are vitamin-rich, nutrient-dense and nature derived along with other ingredients that will bring rejuvenation and nourishment to hair and skin. Although not all our products are 100% natural, we’ve selected synthetic ingredients are mild and are added at a minimum percentage for the efficacy of our products and ensuring safety for our consumers.

We have developed formulas that meet this very need, that is to provide a healthier, and safer options to managing african hair without use of harsh chemicals which are detrimental to human health or chemicals that are known for stripping away the natural moisture (sebum) from the hair and scalp.


Beauty That Is
Skin Deep

Nelle Mavri pty (Ltd) was founded by Zanele Monyai and Sonwabo S. Vena since 2013. Nelle Mavri products will be accompanied by “Hair education” of which the information will be shared by means of videos, pictures, posts, etc on our social media platforms, in order to show demonstrations on how to effectively use our products to your skin and hair benefits. All our products are strictly offered online only.